Buying a Home – Checklist

Buying is a major priority of every person. Although buying a home is akin to getting married and very, very exciting, you need to be just as cautious in selecting a home as you would be in selecting a life-partner! After all, you will have to live with that home for many more years to come too…!

Buying Home Checklist


The first factor you need to zero in is your financial viability. How solvent are you today, what’s your income like, are you expecting it to go up or remain stable in the years to come? Buy a home that you can afford now, not later. As ‘later’ comes loaded with other expenses like children, schools, college, new cars, expensive holidays, etc. Before opting for buying a home, you should be in a position where you can still enjoy your current lifestyle enough after paying your loan EMIs.

Buying homes is an expensive affair and you will need a home loan, so first get to a decent bank that offers low interest rates and get a pre-approved home loan. This will give you a budget to work within and you now have an idea of which range of homes to go for. Your working mantra should be to have a budget that can be repaid based on your financial position now, and not on how much you can borrow.

Buying a home requires the head, not the heart. If you feel that there is a glaring factor that is unsuitable for you, walk away! Don’t let minor factors like garden space or paint colors tie you down. After all, this involves a major financial transaction and there will always be other better homes to choose from.

The location of your home is another major factor to think of. Is it in an urban or a sub-urban area? Is it close to your workplace and the kids’ school? Are there basic facilities nearby like bust stops, shopping areas, schools, hospitals, etc? These are some of the important things you can’t afford to compromise on.

You will also need to check out the neighborhood if you have taken a fancy to the home. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck living in a place that’s surrounded by noise pollution or air pollution from nearby traffic jams or industries or factories in the vicinity of your new home either.

If you are planning on buying a villa home with a garden and yard, though it might sound very romantic, gardening and mowing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so be careful of what you are getting into.

Don’t be in a hurry and operate on someone else’s time-line when searching for a home as it takes time before you finish going through all the options; after all it’s a life-time commitment. And don’t allow the salesman to pressurize you either into taking the plunge.
The builder’s reputation should influence your choice of home as everyone wants to know they are investing in quality homes. If you are considering buying villas in Trivandrum, then iCloud Homes are the best builders to go with as their homes, layouts, amenities and locations are all excellent.

And lastly, the resale value of your home, in case of the eventuality of having to move away from the city. The location and access to local facilities, the neighborhood, the reputation of the builder and the type of home all come into play when going for a resale.