Is Buying a Luxury Villa in Trivandrum a Good Investment?

God was surely smiling when he made Kerala; it is blessed bountifully with Mother Nature’s best offerings. This ‘God’s own Country’ has beautiful beaches, numerous lakes and rivers, refreshing hills as well as greenery everywhere, providing lung space even in the midst of its cities. The beauty of this land is being increasingly appreciated by many, even those who aren’t indigenous to the area but recognize the value of something good!

icloud Villas Trivandrum

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and is nestled on the southern coast of India. This city has a long cultural history that goes back many centuries during the reign of the kings. Maharaja Marthanda Varma is accredited with creating modern Thiruvananthapuram in the seventeenth century, making it a center for arts and literary activities that is still visible today. Being the capital of the state, Trivandrum has a lot of scope, especially as it’s a young expanding city well on its way to becoming a metropolitan center. Land and properties are still cheap here as compared to other major cities in Kerala, so investing in homes in Trivandrum makes a lot of sense. The old saying of ‘Make hay while the sun shines’, is definitely applicable here!

Over the past 50 years or more, the trend of investing in real estate has been gaining in popularity with people buying at dips and selling off when prices go up again. This old ‘buy and hold’ practice is a surefire way of making great profits with many taking the plunge. And with Trivandrum city being the capital, you sure can’t go wrong investing in a property now.

Luxury villas are a status symbol, the abode of the genteel; a silent voice shouting out that the owner has what it takes to be a part of the cream of the society. And what better place to invest than in a growing city like the capital of the state. Builders like iCloud homes have numerous luxurious gated villa community projects throughout this city for those discerning members of the society who know the value of good living. Villas make great investments as they have a longer shelf life as compared to apartments which become unsafe after a maximum of 25 years.

Aside from that, the plot on which the villa stands also belongs to the buyer aside from the villa itself, so you are not just buying a home with the surrounding sky, but some tangible piece of land of value as well. All in all, a great deal!

The advent of Techno Park into the city has created numerous job opportunities as well as demand for growth in infrastructure including housing. Being the political hub of the state also has its own ramifications when it comes to the real estate factor. The city is poised to grow further with property prices on the rise. The best way to invest funds now would be in a luxury villa as it always has great resale value as well as gets you great tax benefits on the EMIs. And there is assured appreciation of the capital invested too.

Buying villas that are located a little away from the city center make better investments as cost of properties are slightly lower here, but are guaranteed to rise as Trivandrum continues its expansion mode. So the value of your property will only be going up.

The time to invest in Trivandrum is NOW, so why delay?