Buying a Villa in Trivandrum

When a person thinks about buying a home, the first thought or image of that home is a villa….spacious, private, a place where you are free to do with your home as per your needs. Villas in gated communities are the best option that home buyers could go for these days as they possess the best of the features that go with apartments along with the bonuses that come with owning your own independent house in its own plot.

Buy Villas In Trivandrum


And things couldn’t get better if you decide to buy in Trivandrum! This growing city is the capital of the coastal state of Kerala and expanding to include more neighborhoods into its folds every year. Being the capital, you are also assured of the availability of basic facilities including water, electricity, good roads as well as security.

The Indian system being what it is, once its known that you are planning to buy a home, every family elder, neighbor and friend will have an opinion to offer; your job would be to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and go through their advise wisely and choose the relevant points needed for buying a villa home.

  • You have to start with the budget; in fact you can even go one step further and apply for a home loan, that way you will get to know how much loan you are eligible for and decide on your budget from there. And then stick to that budget plan!
  • Second thing to look for would be your ideal builder – look for one who has a good reputation and already has some completed projects to go through. The iCloud builders have created beautiful gated villas that include all the luxuries you could wish for from a modern villa home. Aside from the availability of numerous amenities and 24×7 security, these gated villa communities can be found in both the city as well as its suburbs.
  • The location of your home should be suitable to your needs too. Stalk the neighborhood at different times of the day before buying, to ensure a peaceful neighborhood. Being close to schools, shopping centers, hospitals and other amenities is not only useful for you, but also improves the re-sale value of your home.
  • And in case you are one of those people who spends too much time sitting on the fence, waiting for that ‘perfect moment’– don’t wait for the real estate trends to change; the time to buy is now so ‘make hay while the sun shines’ as real estate works in waves, up today, down tomorrow, then up again…, so you are never at the losing end!
  • Use your head while deciding on buying your home, not your heart…. You won’t be ‘dating’ your home, but ‘marrying’ it for keeps, so think carefully of all aspects before signing on the dotted lines.
  • Be aware that there are ‘sleeper costs’ involved too such as various types of taxes, interior decoration as well as homeowners association fees to look into – aside from the buying of the house. So you need to ensure that there are enough finances leftover to cover these expenses too!

These tips should hopefully be enough for getting you started on the process of buying your dream villa home…. as Trivandrum is harvest-ready for you!