How to Decide Between Buying an Apartment and a Villa

As if saving money wasn’t hard enough, choosing the right type of home is also quite confusing. With the current trend being to invest in homes in gated communities, we are stuck with two important choices – apartments against villas. There are numerous factors involved, however don’t scratch your head, as here are a few pointers which should help you take a smart decision.

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An important factor to consider would be the proximity to your work place as well as schools, hospitals and the city center. While most apartment complexes are spread out all over the city as well as suburbs, villas are usually located a little away from the city center, thereby escaping from the hustle-bustle of the city center. However, don’t take this for granted as there are some builders including the prestigious iCloud Home builders who offer luxurious villas in the city too. Check out ‘The 44 Club’, a gated complex of luxury villas in Pattom, Trivandrum. Aside from this, villas located a little away from the hassles and snarls of city traffic and the noise and air pollution, work in favor of homebuyers.


The cost of the home is the major driving factor for most people, with homebuyers opting for apartments believing that they are getting their money’s worth. What most people don’t realize is that the reality is usually different. You can get a luxury apartment at very similar rates to a private villa, with the added bonus of privacy and personal space! There is also a myth going around that villas cost higher to maintain as compared to apartments. But what people don’t realize is that the monthly maintenance fee given for upkeep of the amenities in apartments is the same that is required for maintaining a villa, so at the end of the day, with the same money, you get to enjoy the prestige of living in a separate villa home as against having to suffer the crowds and prying eyes in an apartment complex!

Customized Homes

One thing is for sure, and that is there is no way that you can customize an apartment to fit in with your needs! It would disturb the entire floor plans of the building as well as create problems with its structure. With a villa home, this problem doesn’t arise, as you can make any alterations, additions or extensions as is structurally feasible. You can even add another floor if you want renters! You also get to own your own garden as well as get creative in your backyard.


There is nothing that beats privacy when it comes to a villa. You don’t have to share the amenities with a huge crowd as in apartments, but with a select few only. You can enjoy a cuppa on your front porch in the mornings or read a book under the tree in your garden – it’s all yours to enjoy without any prying eyes!

Resale Value

Apartments have a short lifespan that doesn’t go beyond 20-25 years at the most and their value starts to diminish after 5-6 years. Villas on the other hand gain value after 5-6 years and have a life spanning more than 50-60 years, minimum. Aside from this, the plot on which the villa stands is also registered in the owner’s name, so you end up owning the land as well as the house. A pretty good deal it would seem!

While the jury is still debating, you can work out your own solution and opt for a gated villa complex where you can enjoy the amenities of apartment-living as well as the independence of villa life!