Reasons You Should Choose a Villa over an Apartment

There comes a point in all our lives when we get tired of the partying and constantly being on the go, a time when bachelor life starts to lose its charm, when personal space and privacy start to have an all-together different meaning. This is when your mind is silently telling you it’s time to move on and think of settling down into a home of your own….

reasons to choose villa

As humans, it is in-built in us to want to own a home to call our own personal space. And once you have decided that you are ready to invest, the next important question is whether to buy a villa or an apartment. Buying a home is most probably going to be the biggest investment you will ever be making, thus making it imperative that you take your time and go through the pros and cons before taking a decision.

The capital city of Trivandrum in Kerala is in an expansive mode with more people trooping in for work in the IT Parks located here. The peace and harmony as well as the availability of great infrastructure make Trivandrum an ideal place to settle down in. The construction industry is booming here, with new villas and apartment buildings coming up within the city and its suburbs.

Aside from the luxurious lifestyle that goes with living in a villa, the following are some reasons why people prefer to invest in villas:

Investment Value

The demand for homes never goes down such that investing in real estate is one of the most secure ways of making gains. Though villas come at a comparatively greater cost, the resale value of villas is always better, considering that the land it stands on has more value than the building itself, thus making villas as sound investments.

Unlike the fancy stories one hears about apartments gaining 3-5 times their value, the reality is very different as apartments actually begin to lose their value after about 5 years. Villas on the other hand, if held for more than 7 years increase in their value, making for better investments as the land on which the plot is built is also registered in the owner’s name, aside from the share of common areas.

Lifespan Value

As far as apartments are concerned, their lifespan goes for hardly 20-25 years, after which they are considered unsafe and dismantled. With villas, the story is different as their life span is similar to that of independent houses which are comparatively more grounded and safer during earthquakes and natural calamities.

Prestige Value

In their hearts, everyone desires an independent villa as a home, but not all are able to afford it. But for those who are able to afford one, it increases their social standing in society aside from making a style statement. Owning a luxurious villa in Trivandrum is a prestigious statement of who you are and a source of pride. At iCloud Homes, we have completed numerous luxurious villas in the city and its suburbs aside from having some ongoing projects too. We have successfully changed the perception that apartments are the ‘in thing’ and are giving the inhabitants of the city a treat with our spacious post-modern designer villas.

Freedom Factor

With a villa, you have the freedom to keep pets as well as more space for children to play in. And with multiple car parking, your visitors can park their vehicles beside your home too. Villa life also provides a cleaner and healthier lifestyle with lower pollution, both in terms of sound and air. In apartments, the crowds are more and sharing clubhouse and other amenities can become quite a hassle as compared to villa communities.

Maintenance Factor

The maintenance factor in apartments can come as quite a shock to those not in the know. A monthly amount has to be remitted every month for availing amenities, with the lift facilities in high-rise buildings costing quite a pretty penny. Other than this, other periodic maintenance works come at a comparatively higher price than in independent villas.

Quality Living

Unlike apartments, villas offer you the liberty of customizing your home and landscape according to your tastes and needs. And you are able to avail of that priceless commodity known as peace and privacy; where the serenity isn’t broken by having to share space with 10-50 families intruding into your oasis of comfort.

Security Value

Aside from providing you with the luxury of your own terrace, personal space and manicured gardens, villas can also provide 24×7 security with watchmen and security cameras keeping your home safe and secure.

Opting for villas in gated communities is the best decision you could ever make, as it provides you with the amenities of apartment living, along with the luxuries of villa life!