Soniya & Reji

ICloud Homes-  We chose iCloud Homes bacause of its serene location. We are so delighted with our new home. The design is outstanding and the quality is clearly superior to that of new homes in many other developments we have seen.We were kept updated throughout the process of construction and we were able to add our own customization to fit our family needs. Overall experience with iCloud Homes were fantastic and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality home. We absolutely love our new home. iCloud Homes brought us from the midst of cheerless gloom to bright unclouded days……

Mr Damodar Padhi (VP & Global Head - L&D at TCS Ltd) & Mrs Sairindhree Padhi

Resident of C1 Villa

In January 2014, I visited Nimbus Cloud Villa site by iCloud Homes Pvt. Ltd. I met smiling promoter – Biju, and an honest and technically deep architect Dileep. I felt some vibe in the air and instantly made a decision to book a C-type villa. Looking back it was one of the finest decisions I have taken in my life on personal front.

We were the first family to move into Nimbus Cloud Villas. That was in December of 2014. Every day here since then has been filled with personal warmth and happiness. We are from Odisha, but never felt as outsiders in this beautiful and caring residential complex. Commute to workplace has been fun with less traffic between Mangalapuram and Technopark, morning walk in the nearby woods have been serene, and fitness centre and swimming pool have been fully exploited by us. The promoters and staff are extremely friendly, cooperative and like members of extended family.

I would highly recommend the prospective home buyers working in Technopark area or companies located in the northern part of the City to invest and stay in Nimbus Cloud Villa and others to consider buying property in any other location promoted by iCloud Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ajay & Mrs. Priyanka Ajay

Dedication, Honesty, Meeting timelines, Commitment to what’s promised…these are buzzwords and phrases of the business playbook that often remain in there beautifully, but not always put to practice.

If you want to see them in action and is a potential villa buyer, iCloud homes is one place to stop by.

We decided to make a move on one of the villas in iCloud because of the above stated reason.

Not wanting to write an essay and for those who like brief reads, here are the key highlights that attracted me and my family to iCloud Homes

1 . Quality of materials/fittings used

2 . Wide in premise roads

3 . Proximity of the villa plot to the national highway, but keeping the noise away by not being too close.

4 . Flexibility in accommodating client suggestions

5 . Commitment to timelines

6 . Not using flashy mix of rainbow paint colours on the exterior :)

7 . Truthfulness of the managing director and the staff

I echo a lot of facts mentioned in the other testimonials, and there’s certainly more I could write, but for fear of redundancy and wasting literary real estate, so much for brief readers with the gist of it.

Dr. Sushila Krishnamurthi

Resident of C9 Villa

Now that our home is finished, I can say the speciality of the project is the extraordinarily high level of dedication and commitment we have seen towards delivering a good product, whatever be the cost or difficulty faced. Mr Biju and his team are committed to making ICloud Homes a flagship project for their company & their spirit and hard work is there for everyone to see. Overall, the Villas are turning out to be well-finished with high-class amenities to match.

Another important plus for this project is the willingness of the company to listen to clients’ suggestions for improvement and better delivery. Such a compliant approach goes down well with discerning clients, who should continue to benefit from their association with ICloud Homes.

My recommendation to potential home-buyers would be based on the quality of construction and finish, the common amenities available, as well as the uniquely client-friendly approach of the entire company. I would strongly recommend all those wanting to buy a well-built & tastefully-finished villa to come to Nellimood and sample the healthy and people-friendly environment that ICloud Homes is endeavouring to make for its owners..

Mr. and Mrs. Aneesh Mohan

Resident of E3 Villa

We choose iCloud Villas being attracted by the location, quality of items going to be used, amenities offered. Also mainly the appreciation we have received from the people associated with Mr Biju on the houses delivered. We selected a prime location that is quite enough, has bigger chances to be an area of much importance and facilities offered inside the gateway community are really good. Everything needed is available at a reasonable distance and still it has a serene environment who loves a quite area. iCloud villas will be a right choice for the person who loves a quiet and clean area, needs all modern facilities nearby. Google map the location and see if all the needed items you would need in ur life is nearby or not. Rest is your decision..

Mr. & Mrs. Sunil T G

Resident of F13 Villa

We had evaluated several villa projects in Trivandrum when we started our quest to buy a house property. On the very first visit to Nimbus Cloud villas, we knew that the search had ended!

The main reasons to select Nimbus Cloud villas over all the other villa projects were:

  1. 10 meter & 7 meter wide roads! The roads are super narrow (sub 4.5 meter) in most projects including some of the so called premium projects, and that was definitely a no-no for us.
  2. Construction materials – a promise was made by the developer that they will use quality building materials. The material brands were shared initially. Now after the handover, I can vouch for the quality – be it electrical fittings, plumbing, flooring, tiles or woodwork!
  3. Amenities – enough common space and amenities are provided, the children’s play equipment and the big swimming pool were real USPs!

Being one of the early movers to Nimbus Cloud Villas, we are really enjoying the stay here! Our daughter loves the spacious outdoors and she wanders around with her friends in her bicycle most evenings.

What makes me a happy and satisfied customer:

  1. A no-delay handover of the villa was made, as per the initial promise
  2. Prompt and fast support for few minor niggles after the delivery
  3. The development of all common amenities are happening as per plan

I am sure this project will make an ideal home for people working in and around 10-15 Kms radius. Technopark is just a 15 minutes’ drive from here so we are now able to reach work in time, with no fear of traffic blocks on the way. Significant difference in commuting experience in contrast with those who commute through the city to work.

If you’re looking for an economically viable premium housing option in this part of the city, I would say the choice is easy and it has to be Nimbus Cloud villas!