Things to Consider before Buying a Villa

Everyone dreams of owning a home of their own one day, preferably a large spacious villa home, with a yard at the back and a garden in the front to potter around in…. a home that silently shouts out your status to the world, a home that you can take pride in when giving out your address. But getting to that position of buying an ideal villa home is an entirely different story as it doesn’t come without its own share of sweat and short-tempers as each family member will want their opinions accounted for when buying that ‘ideal’ home.

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So when you are out home shopping, don’t be in a hurry, take your time and don’t let salesmen pressurize you into taking a decision; you can’t blame them, it’s their job after all to make a sale, but then you need to be sure too that there is nothing else better available on the market, as well as more suitable. You will need to make a point of not thinking with your heart, but with your head – as it’s a very major investment.

Buying a home is a always a big risk, but with the real estate growing at a steady rate in India, even during the recession, investing in a home is one of the better ways of growing your money. For many of you who do not know, investing in villas is a far safer option than investing in apartments; the life of a villa is very long as it’s stronger and more durable to natural calamities. But the life of an apartment starts to decline after 5 years (despite the naysayers) and reaches its end by 20-25 years max.

And contrary to popular belief, villas aren’t more expensive as compared to luxury apartments and are usually at par, and you end up getting the added bonus of privacy and more personal space when buying a villa! Then there is the factor of better resale value too for villas.

When purchasing a villa, make sure that it is within your pre-approved loan budget. After paying the initial capital and EMIs, there should be enough money left over for maintaining your normal lifestyle as well as keeping a little nest-egg on the side for emergencies.

The location of the villa is important as it should be close to your workplace as well as social facilities like hospitals, shopping areas, banks, restaurants, bus-stop and schools.

Check that the villa is located in a safe neighborhood, with good connectivity, and away from sound and sir pollution. All these factors have impact on the resale value of your villa.

Get a clear idea of the total cost. This would include stamp duty and registration fee, insurance, home-owners association fee, amenities maintenance fee, etc. Ask as many questions as you can and satisfy every doubt before signing on the dotted lines.

Check the water, electricity and sewage connections to your property to ensure their all-year-round functionality.

Lastly, do a little research on your builder, and if possible take a stroll through some of their other projects. If you are planning on buying a villa in Trivandrum, your best option would be to go with the aesthetically-designed spacious villas by the iCloud Homes builders. They have numerous magnificent completed and ongoing projects in the city as well as the suburbs to choose from.