Benefits of Owning an Independent House over Owning an Apartment

Everyone dreams of owning a home one day, and truth be told, that dream home always has a front lawn with flowers to tend to, and a backyard to mess around in… However, the reality is not always the same as not all are able to get the home of their choice – but hey, no harm in dreaming!


There are basically two types of homes, apartment vis-à-vis independent homes. The one you eventually go for is your own choice, but do keep in mind that community living in apartment complexes comes with a dearth of privacy, an earlier undisclosed monthly maintenance charge as well as there always be a cacophony of various sounds coming from the amenities area or from the neighboring apartments. After a while, this can become stressful and lead to negative situations.

Aside from these factors, there is little or no room for making either external or internal changes to the structure of the apartment to suit your tastes and needs. Gardening hobbies also become limited to your balcony only and you can forget about pets as most societies are against keeping of pets.

But when you look at independent homes, there are numerous reasons to get you smiling!

Resale Value – This is one of the best features as independent homes have longer shelf lives with a minimum of 50 years.

Plot – You not only own the home, but also the plot on which it stands, making it a more tangible investment.

Design – You can add to the design of the house as you wish and modify it accordingly as your family grows, without having to worry about taking permission from the managing society. And you can always add another storey on the terrace for additional rent income too!

Garden – Aside from being healthy, gardening is a great way to de-stress and enjoy a short morning stroll when the dew is still fresh on the grass.

Pets – there are no restrictions on pets here and you can get to enjoy their love as well as provide them the freedom of space.

Parking – Your car is parked right next to your home and you don’t have walk around to the parking lot to access it!

Privacy – And finally, there is that very important thing called privacy! No nosy neighbors, no noise pollution creeping in from surrounding apartments, life can be bliss…

A new option has come up to add to the joy of independent home owners- villas within gated colonies. Here you can get to enjoy some of the benefits of apartments, but with the freedom of independent homes. Facilities such as 24×7 security as well as numerous amenities like parks, swimming pools, gyms, clubhouse, jogging tracks, game courts, etc, all come within the ambit of these projects.