What makes ‘Winds Of Change’ stand out from the others?

Once you have made up your mind to buy a home, the next question that comes into our mind is “Which builder is the best and have unique features?” and  You may want to buy a home in a location that has good social engagement for your family. Finding a solution or such a place is quite difficult. However, Akkulam is one such locality that may have a solution to all your social engagement needs. ‘Winds Of Change’ is perhaps Kerala’s biggest city-centric luxury villa projects. It’s meticulously planned & built to the most exacting benchmarks. Additionally when finished “Winds Of Change” we be a Platinum Green rated project,strictly adhering to IGBS standards.

One of the primary reasons a customer tend to choose iCloud Homes, is the unique features and international architects  Here we have magic hands behind the landscaping of 120 villas in 12 Acres is by Nusa design from Bali and planning by Kembhavi  architects from Bengaluru.

Normally villa communities or gated communities are residential projects, with individual homes and private garden space, and are commonly characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences with physical and electronic security.Apart from all these what make ‘Winds Of Change’ unique from others? its drop-off zone,buggy,Outdoor zone, housing doctor’s clinic,Amenity Building,Tuition centre,creche and shopping facility. And there we have 7m wide internally interlock paved roads too.

Drop-off zone

The word itself explains the facility, when we hear a word drop off it could be a drop or pick up from an airport, railway station or any other destination. At ‘Winds Of Change” the drop-off zone has been planned for the convenience of children to drop at daycare or play school or school bus pickup point, where their parents or grandparents or even home assisting staffs could drop them or pick-up them from this roundabout.It will be a beautifully landscaped area with a centre waterbody and will have a bus shelter for waiting, biggest advantage of planning this area, is to prevent the school buses and vans plying around the residential area.


Most interestingly ‘Winds Of Change will have battery operated buggy which will be operated on a prefixed timing which would enable the school children and parents to move both ways from the drop-off zone. Apart from all, this kind of arrangements would be first of its kind for any city centric residential villa project in our state.

Outdoor Zone

Playing outdoors should be a vital part of every kid’s growing up years. It is a wonderful way to learn various life skills, a great chance for kids to  flourish, run, jump, make a mess, explore their self in natural surroundings. Therefore, it is important for parents to play a conscious and a proactive role in developing a positive outlook towards outdoor games among kids.So in ‘Winds Of Change’ we have a large outdoor zone for Lawn Tennis,Half basketball court,Rock climbing,Cricket nets ,Gazebo(Tree House)etc.

Amenity Building

In ‘Winds Of Change’ we have unique and magnificent clubhouse with a recreational footprint of an acre andand the finest value additions to community living.There we have separate private open air swimming pool for ladies.Other Features are Banquet Hall with serving counter and pantry,Gymnasium,Swimming Pool / Indoor Pool,Spa with massage, steam and Jacuzzi,Open and closed party area with dance area and DJ space,Mini theatre,Fully furnished Guest Suite,Lobby with reception,Golf putting in the lawn area,Indoor Badminton,Indoor Squash Court,Billiards,Indoor Board Games

Other Facilities

You can leave your villa in the morning, go and do what you have to do since we have, child care centre that’s all about fun for the kids and have other facilities like

  • Rooms for arts and crafts training
  • Provision for tuition rooms
  • Clinic space for doctor
  • Children’s play area
  • Magnificent entrance arcade
  • Library
  • Cable free environment