Can the Place of Residence Influence the Future of Children?

Children are like the proverbial sponge. They process and absorb everything in their surroundings, be it within their home or outside their home. This makes it very important that you offer them the right kind of environment to grow up in. Parents need to psyche themselves to the fact that their children are watching them and observing everything – and tucking it away in some remote corner of their brain, only to be used later.

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Providing a peaceful and harmonious home environment isn’t all that you have to consider when bringing up your kids. The kind of neighbourhood and friends you provide for them also matters as they are in close proximity to them for a long period of time. An unhealthy neighbourhood that is home to anti-social personalities will create adolescents that are liable to depression and substance abuse. If they live with social evil, they will learn to accept it as the right thing…

This makes it pertinent that aside from a good physical environment, you should also provide them with a decent social environment, one that teaches them trust, connectedness and cooperation. This also means buying your home in a good neighbourhood. A gated community where people of the same socio-economic level live is one of the best childhood gifts you can offer your growing children. Living in gated communities also means that there will be easy availability of children from similar backgrounds that they can easily relate to. You as a parent would be comfortable too, knowing your child is mixing with people from similar backgrounds.

Living in gated communities also means that your child is safe to roam around and play on the secure campus without any fear for their safety. As many city homes don’t have ample space for kids to play, they are becoming increasingly dependent on handheld gadgets and not getting sufficient exercise or fresh air. They also don’t make studious students. Hence, homes in gated communities are a boon, especially as they are also located in areas with great schools nearby.

More importantly, you should provide children with stability and security while growing up. This helps them to feel grounded and have a place to call home once they are adults. This is also why it’s important you buy a home of your own when you are a growing family. Frequently moving homes and changing neighbourhoods isn’t good for kids as they are unable to create long-term friendships or bond with a location.