Colour Trends for your New Home

Trends keeping changing every year – whether it’s for apparels, accessories or for home interiors. And just as new designs are meant to enhance the wearer’s looks, similarly, new trends in home interiors, including colours, are also meant to enhance your home’s looks.

Trending Home Colors - iCloud Homes

The year 2017 was all about lush greens, warm neutrals and sophisticated shades of brown. The current year has changed somewhat and trends have turned towards edgier shades. These are being further complimented with maximalist interiors and patterned floors that speak volumes about your personality. Rich reds, burnt oranges and bronze are trending in 2018 and add life to your living spaces.

Aside from these, violet is definitely the colour of the year and is fast becoming the rage. Think of true purple, wine, lavender and ultraviolet. In accordance with the purpose for which each room is designed, you can use varying shades. Bedrooms would look great in restful shades of pale lavender while violet on an accent wall could add new dimensions to your sitting room. Or team up the colour with velvet upholstery and you end up with elegant-looking sofas and armchairs.

The reigning bright shades are a reflection of people seeking comfort from an increasingly turbulent world. It’s comparable to seeking comfort food when feeling insecure. However, when you are decorating your new home, play it safe and go with neutral shades for the big-ticket items such as carpets and sofas. This way, you can handle changing interior trends more comfortably. Since neutrals are always trending, you can always add throw pillows rugs or drapes in the reigning colours and keep your home up-to-date.

Also, colours have the ability to affect your moods and emotions, so choose colours for each room depending on the activity for which it’s designed. And with people becoming environmentally-conscious, the green colour is still trending, so using pale shades in bedrooms adds tranquillity and enhances sleep. Kitchens are always a beehive of activity and bright colours like yellow look great here and enhance creativity. Team it up with fawn coloured cabinets and your kitchen is all set!

Just as there are single colours trending, there are also trending colour combinations. Shades of brown and blue have always gone well together and are an all-time favourite. Mix and match them in your soft furnishings for an eternally fashionable look.

Having said all this, do keep in mind that you don’t have to follow the trending colours, after all, it’s you who has to live with them, so only choose colours that you are comfortable with!