Kitchen Flooring Ideas

The kitchen is the hardest working room of the house. When designing your home, the kitchen should be given extra importance and offer two important features – functionality as well as durability. Most people concentrate on the cabinets, counter-top and the backsplash, leaving the flooring to the last.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas - iCloud Homes

However, the floor is the hardest hit – literally speaking. It faces the most traffic and you spend a lot of time standing and walking back and forth in this area. It’s a high-traffic location that sees a lot of spills too – ranging from oil, water to more difficult stain creators like vinegar, wine, spices and bleach.

With modern home designs merging the kitchen with the rest of the house, you can use the floor to make a style statement too. So when you are looking for the kitchen flooring, you need a material that’s high on durability, ergonomic, but low on maintenance – now that’s a tall order!

Top flooring options include concrete, tiles, stone, rubber flooring, vinyl and wood laminates. Here’s an, in-depth look at some of these floorings.


Porcelain tiles are the most hard-wearing choice for kitchen floors and are waterproof, stain-resistant and scratchproof – aside from being easy on maintenance. They also come in lovely shades.


Natural stone are a popular choice and can last a lifetime. But since they are porous, they need to be properly treated and sealed first. They are easy to care for and add an old-world charm to your kitchen.

Polished concrete

In these times of global warming, polished concrete flooring offers durability along with being effortlessly cool to the touch. They are extremely low on maintenance, hardy and great light reflectors.


Classic granite tiles come in attractive shades and suit all styles of kitchen. They do well on hard-working surfaces and are stain-resistant, coping up well with spills and stains. Being easy to clean and durable, they are perfect for family homes.

Wooden floors

These are an attractive choice for kitchen-cum-diners. But do ensure they are properly sealed to resist stains and spills.

Parquet floors

You can go for classic parquet and build the floor block-by-block or opt for parquet-designed wooden planks, which are cheaper on the pocket and easier to install. Once the wood is properly treated, it’s ready for your kitchen. Show it off in homes with open kitchen designs!

Laminated flooring

Modern laminates aren’t just cost effective, but are durable and come with long-term guarantees too. With modern imaging technologies, you can even get them to look like virtually any material of your choice!

The floor is yours – pick your style!