Living Room Decoration Ideas

Living rooms are supposed to inspire harmonious get-togethers of people at the end of the day. They should be elegant and decorated with the taste of the people who live there in mind. Decorating is all about including photographs, paintings, figurines, mementoes, flowers, green potted plants, some throw pillows and colour and texture. These will not only add substance to your living room but also personalize your living room, making it your family room.

Living Room Interior Ideas - iCloud Homes

You can decorate your living room on a shoestring budget and still be able to create an elegance to die for. It all depends on the imaginative use of space, texture and colours. The creative use of colours can make your room cosy, intimate, inviting, joyful or anything else you may want it to be!

When decorating your living room, you need to first decide on which style you want to follow ….country, ethnic, modern or minimalist? Decoration also has a lot to do with the right use of colour, furniture and fabrics. Then there are other key aspects like space to consider. Strategic use of furniture, carpets and colours can help in making space look smaller and cosier or larger and more spacious.

Bold patterns and vivid or dark colours with minimal lighting can reduce the impression of space. Similarly, the use of light pastel shades while aligning the furniture towards the walls can make rooms look bigger. While large living rooms can afford various accessories, decorative items and bulky furniture, smaller living rooms should go with smaller furniture pieces, a wall-mounted TV and minimal decoration – a couple of small paintings or flower vases would do.

As far as flooring is concerned, you can use anything that provides a classy finishing – be it wood, stone or tiling. Addition of carpets and rugs make the living room more welcoming while dark flooring reduces the impression of space. Wooden floors are best, but they are a little heavy on maintenance.

Minimalist style living rooms go well with people who want a hassle-free life while couples might prefer practical modern styles. Large families usually prefer informal and spacious living spaces that invite you to stretch out.

Classic, country and rustic style living rooms generally require large spacious living rooms with abundant light. They are more commonly seen in villa homes where there is more space. Minimalistic and modern living rooms, on the other hand, are all about making the most of lesser spaces. They are uncluttered spaces that use sleek, stark lines in muted tones, with skillfully chosen decorations to create classy, harmonious living rooms.