Merits of Column and beam Construction


Column and beam construction is way more stronger than the conventional methods where the external & internal walls serves as the structural element. It even offers more resistance from natural calamities like earth quakes & floods. In framed structural system external & internal walls serve only the purpose of enclosures for the creation of rooms and protection from the weather.Here, load transfer path is from slab/floor to beam, beam to column and column to footing & thus it’s more efficient & strong. This is why column pillar construction is preferred for multi-storied buildings as the other methods are not strong for the same.


The column and beam construction is also very fast compared to the conventional systems.

Once the columns or pillars are done , workers can start with the brick works without the worry of load balancing. This helps the builder in timely delivery of the product.

More Carpet area.

Column and beam construction provides more carpet area for the user than other conventional methods. This is because the pillars & beams balance the load and thus thickness of walls can be maintained uniform throughout. The wall being the load bearer in conventional method, it needs to be of increased width with increased height.

Design Flexibility.

Since the whole load is balanced in columns and beams, the walls can be easily moved without disturbing the load. This gives the flexibility to alter the walls risk free, even after the completion of construction.Large openings in walls are possible, enabling to add larger & wider doors & ventilations. This helps in providing a better appearance for the building, allowing more natural light at the same time.

Architectural flexibility.

Architectural elements like Cantilever can be easily included in the system whereas it’s very difficult to include the same in buildings with load bearing walls. It also allows the usage of hollow bricks like Porotherm  bricks that helps to keep a cool atmosphere during burning hot climate.

No limitation of Span.

There is no span limitation in Column and beam due to the strength & sustainability it offers.

Skilled labor.

Column and beam construction demands skilled labor whereas the conventional systems can go ahead with normal labors.

At iCloud Homes, we have adopted column and beam construction for all our projects to offer our clients the best in class products with the maximum strength & stability.We believe in delivering the best, that too within the promised time or earlier !