Significance of Green Areas Inside and Outside the Home

A home garden can come in many forms; it could be a backyard vegetable garden, a house-front decorative garden, a lawn or a balcony full of potted plants (in apartment homes). You can even have indoor potted plants and provide green spaces within your home too.

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Aside from being pleasing to the eyes and senses, green areas within and outside the home have numerous benefits too. They have a positive impact on the inhabitant’s health as well as on their immediate environment. You also get to reap the rewards of home-grown produce in these times of pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables. The benefits gotten from green areas should make you consider gardens as a necessity rather than just ornamental décor. But to enjoy the benefits of vibrant green spaces, you will need to put in a little bit of physical exertion and get active too. Here are some benefits to having a home garden…


Planting and watching your garden grow gives immense satisfaction and pride. It’s a relaxing activity that also offers an outlet for getting rid of stress and improves your overall mental health. You also get to do a moderate amount of exercise.


While humans breathe in oxygen, they exhale out carbon dioxide. Plants take in this exhaled carbon dioxide and give out life-giving oxygen. Thus humans and plants co-exist harmoniously. However in the night, most plants give out carbon dioxide, so do be careful when choosing plants to keep in your bedroom.

Deter illness

Plants and trees release evaporated water into our atmosphere (up to 10% of moisture in the atmosphere!) through the process of transpiration and can help increase the humidity indoors too. This can be a big boon during the dry months when indoor plants can help reduce skin dryness, dry coughs and sore throats.

Air filters

Amazingly enough, plant leaves can filter out toxic chemicals like carbon monoxide, benzenes and formaldehyde from the indoor atmosphere. NASA recommends keeping one potted plant per 100 square feet of indoor space. Certain indoor plants like mother-in-law’s tongue, peace lily, golden pothos, spider plant and bamboo palms are very effective at filtering indoor pollutants.

Enhance performance

A view of the garden or some indoor plants helps in improving memory and enhances the work output of workers. The output is of better quality and accuracy too.

Merely looking at green spaces invokes tranquillity and happiness, thus improving blood pressure, heart activity, stressed muscles and the brain’s electrical activity. With so much to gain from gardens, when are you starting yours?