Staircase Trends

For things like clothes, cars, home interiors and many other facets of daily life, trends keep changing on a regular basis; and believe it or not, this applies to staircases too. With plain, clean-cut lines being the rage this year in interior decoration, the designs for staircases are also going minimalistic with as little decorative embellishments being included as possible.


With open-designed living gaining more popularity in villas these days, staircases are no longer just about being functional; they are fast becoming the focal point of the house. They are now becoming designer pieces with glass, steel and chrome also being included into what was primarily the domain of wood and concrete. That being said, it’s not as if wood is out of the picture; polished wood carved into clean lines is still very much in fashion in 2017 too.

With all the new fads in modern-look staircases to complement contemporary architectural designs of modern homes, safety isn’t being side-lined either. The strength in design and railing support still hold primary importance too. Here are some features of trends for this year

With clean lines dominating every facet of home interiors, minimalism is currently in fashion. This year, carved, ornamental balustrades are definitely not in and preference is being given to sleeker, simpler designs that are symbolic of an attempt to go for the de-cluttered look. And not surprisingly, clients do prefer stop-chamfered and square designs for spindles and newels now. A smooth flow in design is in keeping with the need to keep things as simplistic as possible.

The materials being used are also changing with glass dominating as the top contender. Balustrades made of glazed or patterned glass are in demand this year in an effort to create the feeling of space. With homes getting smaller, there is a need to design the interiors to maximize space by increasing the flow of light – and using glass fits the bill nicely.

Fusion of different type of materials is quite the fashion this year with home-buyers experimenting with mixing and matching various materials like wood, steel and glass for a more stylish look. Spindles made with a combination of polished grainy wood or sleek chrome or steel, raise up the style quotient of your stairs. Or you can go a step further and use wood-framed glass panels as balustrade infill – and get your neighbors going green with envy.

Builders are also integrating storage space under the stairs in the form of neat cupboards and nifty shelves, and even drawers built into the steps, for optimal storage and space usage.

There is no end to how much you can experiment with the materials and styles to create your own uniquely-designed staircase – so go ahead, and have a chat with your builder!