Tips on Buying a Luxury Villa

The demand for luxury homes in urban India is on the rise which isn’t surprising considering the fact that there are 101 billionaires as well as 2.36 lakh millionaires as of 2017 according to Forbes. With the tension of the new GST billing system finally out of the way, enthusiasm for luxury homes is on the rise again. Luxury villas are given more preference over luxury apartments due to a number of factors, of which the most glaring is availability of ample personal space and privacy. They are usually tucked away in the peaceful suburbs where there is little pollution or traffic congestion and complete privacy amidst world-class luxuries.

Living In Villa Benefits

While there is no exact design for a luxury home, most luxury home builders emphasize on the availability of some specific features, some of which are listed below.

Space – Even though there is no exact limit to the amount of space luxury homes occupy, most have more than 3 attached bedrooms. And these bedrooms are large and spacious with in-built wardrobes, small en suite sitting areas and luxuriously appointed bathrooms. There are usually 2 sitting rooms – one for the family and another for the guests.

Location – Proximity to city center is a major factor to consider when you buy a new villa. Most of the gated community villas are located away from the city limits where there is more greenery and less pollution. However, when it comes to daily life conveniences we must choose a home that is centrally located. This ensures that you get easy access to schools, hospitals, offices and shopping centers. Also, a villa that’s located within the city has tremendous return of investment rate compared to those located in the city suburbs.

Neighborhood – Ultra-luxury homes don’t come cheap, and if you are getting one at a cheaper rate, you know you are with the wrong builder. You should be able to be king of all you survey, and that shouldn’t include eyesores like roadside garbage, market or even a graveyard in your nearby environment; you deserve better vistas and exclusivity for the amount you pay for a luxury home.

Security – Modern luxury homes are usually automated smart homes that come fully-loaded with the latest in security gadgets that keep you feeling secure and free to enjoy life without having to worry about checking your windows every night. Aside from digital locks and CCTV cameras, there are gadgets that will send an alert to your smart phone if movement is detected outside or inside your home – and might even send you a video clip.

Vastu ComplianceHome buyers consider aspects of Indian architectural science Vastu Shastra before buying a home. A home which complies to the norms of Vastu is believed to add positive energy and bring in prosperity

Facilities and amenities – Aside from the best quality floorings, modular kitchens and designer bathrooms, you will also find the best of premium branded fittings in these homes; car parking space for 2 or more cars is usually provided along with your own exclusive garden. World-class amenities here should include recreational areas, AC gyms, swimming pools, manicured lawns and gardens, kids play area, party halls, mini theatres, barbecue pits, etc.

However, these are only a few of the things to check when buying luxury villas.