Tips and Ideas to add Zen to your Home

Increasing industrialization and technology have meant that humans are more exposed to stress than ever before, making tranquillity and relaxation all the more cherished in living. Home is the only place where you can expect these qualities, why not take the effort and introduce Zen, the Japanese school of Buddhism which emphasizes on the values of meditation and peace.

Creating a stress-free Zen interior doesn’t involve any hard and fast rules, and neither is it expensive. It just refers to minimalistic and simplistic ways of maintaining harmony and balance while avoiding clutter in your home. Clean and sleek lines along with well-organized features are given more emphasis. With Zen gaining popularity these days, here are a few tips on changing your home…

Earthy Colors – A Zen-inspired home means using soft natural shades of colours that reflect nature. Soft shades of beige, pink-beige, whites and grey are perfect for clearing the mind and inviting calmness. Instead of going for contrast, go for harmony in colouring between the walls, floors and furniture.

Natural Fabrics – Apply the same rule of light, natural and comfortable to your fabrics too. Curtains and sofas are dominant features of the living room and these principles should be prominently displayed here. Go for natural pale-coloured textiles like mixes of cotton, jute or wool for strength and texture. For the right ambience, curtains should be thick enough to modulate light.

Lighting – To create a restful atmosphere, avoid the harsh fluorescent lights and go for natural lighting during the day and muted artificial lighting during the evenings. Using several soft lighting sources in a room helps you control the intensity of light at any given time.

Flooring – Maintain the muted shades in your flooring too; while wooden or parquet flooring is the best, it’s not practical in all climates. Resin flooring can also be considered and feels very comfortable on the feet, but avoid dark shades. If you are into carpets, go for the soft, piled type that looks and feel so inviting.