Tips to organize your Living Room to give it a Classy Touch

Times are a changing and everyone is aware of the importance of having a living room that spells class; after all, this is the first and sometimes only room that your visitors might step into, and as it represent a reflection of what you are, you need to make it look classy.


Creating a classy-looking living room doesn’t necessarily mean having to burn a hole in your pocket. The correct placements of a few decent pieces of furnishing along with sensible color coordination and some fine accessories are enough to create elegance and class in any room. That having been said, let’s look in detail at some of the things you need to focus on when creating your living room.

A living room should look comfortable and lived-in, a room that invites you to relax into its depths and enjoy its peaceful ambience. Though people start worrying about their wall colors first, this should actually be the last item on your list as it has to match the furniture and accessories. And just because a color looks good somewhere doesn’t mean it will have the same effect in your home as the presence of natural or artificial lighting makes a big impact.

Coming to the sofas, look for sizes that aren’t too big or small for the space in your living room – as it could make the difference between looking claustrophobic or looking lost in the space available. Overcrowding makes it difficult to move around in while creating a cluttered appearance too. A few good pieces alone should do the trick.

Choose a focal point for the room – this could be your central coffee table where you serve your guests or the TV stand with its associated bric-a-bracs. It should draw the attention of the eye and hold it there.

When adding a carpet to the room, go for designs that aren’t loud, but add elegance instead. The placement of the furniture matters here. If the room is spacious enough, you could place the entire seating arrangement on it, creating a luxurious effect, but if the room is smaller, place just the front legs of the sofas on it to create a sense of space. A small room means keeping all the furniture off it, with the carpet edge being just a few inches away, providing a sense of inviting openness to the room. Having a light-colored floor helps here.

A nice side table, an elegant table lamp and a couple of good paintings that aren’t too large or small for the available space will add the charm to complete the look.

The point to keep in mind is too much of anything will make your living room cluttered, not classy!