Trends in Wooden Furniture

The trends this year are all about incorporating natural elements into the home. For the past few years, emphasis has been on painted wooden furniture, but with the coming of 2017, trends are changing and the natural wooden finishing with its warm tones is coming back into vogue again. Smooth natural wood-look furniture finishing look cozy and inviting; pair them up with the right colors and you might never want to leave your comfort zone again!


Dark, earthy shades are in and they look too good to ignore when they are made up of the natural grainy elements of wood. Their inclusion invites character and depth, creating elegance in every part of the house. This year is all about aesthetically designed wooden furniture that works very well with the trending pastel-colored walls. The light-colored walls create the perfect backdrop for the dark exotic tones of wooden furniture, stylish upholstery and the deep green of indoor plants.

Along with dark wooden shelves, exotic wooden chandeliers and ceiling beams, wood can be included into almost any part of your home. The richness of wooden furniture can be found as side tables, elegant coffee tables, cabinets and as consoles. Beautiful upholstered sofas and dining sets showing off richly tanned wood add elegance to a room too. The golden hues of teak wood look amazing when paired with soft blues and light sea-foam greens, creating spaces that nurture tranquility.

The rich tones and natural grain patterns of the Indian rosewood makes great-looking furniture which throws you back to the maharaja days when only the best was good enough. These woods add a touch of life to seemingly lifeless rooms, especially when paired with the color of the year – deep green.

The trending designs for furnishing are a blend of the old and new. There is a classic charm in curved legs, wide armrests and antique-designed sofas. And when these are paired up with modern textured fabrics, the end-result is entirely fascinating creating an incomparable appeal that is here to stay for a while.

Quilted or buttoned upholstery is in, with emphasis being on comfort and a vintage look that flaunts the richness of wood. Classy looks, minimalistic design, smooth and embracing comfort – that’s what the comfy sofas and armchairs are all about.

Rounded or tapered legs are in, but not too ornate in design. Dark wooden beds that tend to dominate the room are in too. However, it’s not about too much furnishing in a room as dark woods tend to dominate and too much of it will make a room overpowering.

Since you know the size of your rooms and the accessories and colors that go in each, you are the best person to decide on the size, shape and design of furniture that would look best there. So shop accordingly!