What makes a Better Investment – Buying an Apartment or a Villa?

Growth is a given, and new homes are forever in demand. And once you have decided to buy a home, you also need to decide which kind of home you want to go for – an independent villa or community living in a high-rise apartment. While both are good options, here are a few important features related to both of them that should help you reach a decision.

Investment value

The same doesn’t apply to villas as the value of the property goes up over the years and the plot on which the villa stands gains value with time. The usual double-story structures of villas are also sturdier and can withstand natural disasters as well as last a lifetime.


Apartment complexes come with homes that can be a hundred or more, getting a little crowded at times. And sharing the amenities like the pool or game courts can be a bit restricting. Villas, on the other hand, are spacious and private with fewer families to share the amenities in gated communities. There is also no sound pollution from neighbours.


Most people would be surprised to know that it takes quite a bit to maintain apartment complexes, mainly due to servicing of lifts on a regular basis. Painting an apartment is also costlier than painting a villa. Maintenance of a villa is not only cheaper, the owner also gets his personal choice in doing things at his will.


Villa owners have the liberty to make changes to the structure of their home, which isn’t possible in an apartment home. Villas can be added to, internal walls can be demolished or dividers added as per the villa-owners needs. As the family grows, more rooms can be added on the second floor or the upper floor can be expanded and given out for rent as a second income.


Villas have a personal garden to potter around in and for pets to roam in freely – most apartments have a restriction on keeping pets. Children also have more space to play in and commune better with nature.

But at the end of the day, the choice depends on the homebuyer’s financial clout and personal choice.