What’s the Difference Between a House and a Home ?

While they are both abodes, places that people live, the key difference is that a house is defined as a building or a structure, whose main purpose is to be inhabited by humans; homes on the other hand refer to places of residence – residences where a person keeps his personal belongings and feels safe and secure there. Though the definitions sound very similar, the main difference between the two is that houses refer to concrete structures which can be anything ranging from apartments, villas, villaments to independent houses.



A home on the other hand can be a tent, a cave, a hut, a boat or even a trailer home! Home is an abstract term that defines a place that has great memories, a place that you feel that you belong to. A home is a place that’s your comfort zone, a familiar space where a person was born in or grew up in, usually.

A house is merely four walls that offer protection from the elements but a home is where you find happiness. A house can however become a home too when a family lives in it and brings in the elements of love and security into it. It leaves a psychological impact and influence on a person’s behavior and emotions; extended time spent away from the home even leads to ‘home-sickness’, a condition where a person actually presents with symptoms of being ill! But till date, you would never have heard about a person being ‘house-sick’! And people usually buy homes, but sell houses. You see adverts ‘house for rent’ or ‘house for sale’…but never ‘home for sale’. This is because home is not a place, but a feeling, an emotion. Your office cabin is like a house, you won’t miss it tomorrow, but that classroom that you sat on for so many years while you were in school…now that is like a home, as you will definitely want to go back there. Houses have no souls, but homes do – they have the soul of love emanating from the people who live in it.

The term house is derived from the olden days where ‘hus’ in English meant a ‘dwelling, home, house or shelter’. Houses today are made of cement, stones, steel and wood, they are strong and hardy and can withstand most calamities in life; numerous builders are into the business of making sure houses come in spacious designs with the best of fittings and finishing’s to appeal to even the fussiest ones. However, the builder cannot make it into a home. It is what happens, when a family moves in and creates a safe haven out of it, where memories are made as children grow and get married off….and love is shared among family and friends.