Re-energizing the 'villa' space

Re-energizing the 'villa' space

At iCloud Homes we believe, there is a villa in every home buyer’s heart, but the lack of exciting options inevitably leads to a high rise apartment. That’s why we are bringing the magic back to villa projects. In record time we have completed one of the most prestigious villa projects –Nimbus cloud villas, near the proposed technocity - in Trivandrum. 4 more Trivandrum city specific projects are currently in the pipe line including one at the most coveted location, Pattom, Trivandrum . More...


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Nimbus Cloud Villas

(Ready to occupy)

Nimbus Cloud Villas

(Ready to occupy)

Trivandrum’s finest villas, at Mangalapuram - 20 minutes from Technopark - is making available the final batch of villas, finished to the last detail. It’s your chance to move into a lifestyle that’s truly world class.

Simply put, The 44 Club is a modern architectural vision that captures the grace of a garden city and creates a contemporary paradigm of seamless inside outside living.

It’s a home where the simple find subtle ways to express complex details to achieve a balance of beauty and purpose.

Where the choice of exquisite materials and state of the art technology are setting new benchmarks.

Where your living experience is enhanced by home intelligence systems.

Where every detail is perfected to exceed your expectations. To create an elegant and artful statement of luxury living in Trivandrum.

The Rhythm of life is a very special place for people who love privacy. This is a super premium 8 villa project with all the bells and whistles a modern upscale villa with a compact package of amenities.

Its prime location at Ulloor and easy connectivity to every prominent corner of the city, is sure to make it a landmark for everything else in its vicinity.

Under the blue sky is a luxury villa project at Mangalapuram that’s going to challenge conventional wisdom and re-imagine the costs of building luxury villas. It will feature an uncompromising array of amenities that caters the highest standards of a luxury lifestyle. But at a down-to-earth price. It is set amidst pristine natural settings on 4 – 5 acres of land, barely 5 minutes from Technocity and 20 minutes from Technopark.

It brings the same exacting iCloud homes expertise to villas at a price-optimized to accommodate the budget conscious & quality obsessed homemaker.

‘Winds of Change’ is perhaps Kerala’s biggest city-centric luxury villa projects. It’s meticulously planned & built to the most exacting benchmarks. And it’s home to a unique and magnificent club house with a recreational foot print of an acre.

Villas in Trivandrum

Do you dream of living in an aesthetically designed luxury villa? iCloud Homes presents to you some of the best luxury villa projects in premium locations in Trivandrum; villas that not only provide an elite lifestyle, but an address to be proud of too.

iCloud villa projects in Trivandrum employ the finest fittings and features in homes that are designed in contemporary styles which truly reflect who you are. With lawn and garden spaces to provide freedom to your pets as well as activities for yourself and kids, you couldn’t find a better builder. Among the fabulous luxury villas available in Trivandrum, you are spoilt for choice with ‘The 44 Club’ villas, the ‘Nimbus Cloud’ villas as well as the upcoming ‘Rhythm of Life’ and ‘Under the Blue Sky’ designer villas to choose from.